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Some of the brands we trust when servicing your vehicle:

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Vehicle servicing

Performing regular servicing on your vehicle is often required to maintain your new vehicle warranty and, sometimes, your extended warranty.


Regular servicing can help to:

  • make your vehicle run and perform as the manufacturer intended,

  • prevent larger, more expensive problems from arising,

  • maintain vehicle safety and driving characteristics, and

  • keep your vehicle compliant with local laws.

We can help you work out what servicing is required for your vehicle and carry out the work, as appropriate. Servicing often includes replacing fluids and filters (e.g., oil) and inspecting suspension and steering components for wear.

All vehicles serviced at SPC have their onboard computers scanned for faults with the resulting report provided to the customer.

Let us know when booking your service if you need a loan vehicle; we have 3 automatic Mazda CX-3s available for loan.

Triton Fleet Vehicle

Businesses that have fleets of vehicles need peace of mind that their employees are safe and that productive time won't be lost due to avoidable vehicle issues.

We can develop a servicing schedule for vehicle fleets, ensuring your business can continue to operate efficiently and safely.

Mazda T3500

Caravans and recreational vehicles are often taken on long journeys and the last thing you want on your trip is to break down in the middle of nowhere.

Caravans and RVs often sit unused for extended periods of time, leaving fluids to break down, tyres to deteriorate and batteries to go flat. Regular inspections and servicing can help to maintain vehicle reliability, safety and mobility when travelling away from home where help may be difficult to come by.

We can help prepare your vehicle for your next trip away.


Car repair

Minor vehicle accidents can cause cosmetic damage that requires repair, or replacement, and painting of body parts, but more significant accidents can damage engine, steering, suspension, braking, electrical and exhaust components - the parts your car needs to operate correctly and safely.

We can inspect and repair damaged vehicles, replacing components with OEM-sourced or OEM-quality parts that will make your car work like it should.

We're proud to be an authorised repairer and suspension repair specialist for most insurance companies.

Please note that we cannot repair cosmetic damage as we don't have the equipment or staff to do so.

Vehicle dash repair

Your car's interior is where you and your passengers spend time while travelling, so it's justifiable that they suffer wear and tear over time.


Electrical and mechanical components such as buttons, switches, air conditioning components, seatbelts, sunroofs and window mechanisms can fail, resulting in a less convenient, comfortable and enjoyable driving experience.

We can diagnose issues and supply parts to repair vehicle interior issues.


Ford Falcon

Vehicles are engineered to last a long time; however, they're regularly exposed to harsh conditions - hot, cold and wet weather, potholes, the occasional kerb bump when parking and off-road driving. All of these, plus normal driving, can knock suspension out of alignment and accelerate wear on vehicle components.

We can perform safety checks to investigate any unusual noises or changes in handling or braking and perform repairs to restore confidence in your vehicle and keep you safe on, and off, the road.


Buying a second-hand vehicle can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a brand-new vehicle; however, without a new car warranty you wear the risk. Reduce the risk of a second-hand vehicle purchase by getting SPC to perform a pre-purchase inspection.

Pre-purchase inspections include:

  • inspection of mechanical components and fluids (including under-car),

  • computer fault code check,

  • tyre wear check, and

  • on-road performance, handling and braking checks (registered vehicles only).

A pre-purchase inspection may uncover minor issues or significant issues that may prompt you to look for another vehicle. We can provide a quote to repair any identified faults, which may help in negotiating a fair price.

Pre-purchase inspections start from $130, depending on the type of vehicle.


ECU diagnosis

Modern vehicles are run by one or more computers that rely on sensors for information on how various systems are operating. These sensors monitor cooling systems, the transmission, engine, brakes, battery, etc.

Faults with these systems are often represented by a generic "check engine" light on the vehicle's instrument cluster. Faults are also logged in the vehicle's computer(s) and can be read using specialist diagnosis equipment.

We can read fault codes, which may indicate a mechanical or electronic issue. Once the issue has been repaired, the fault can be cleared, which turns off the check engine light.

Subaru Fuel Pump Repair

Not all issues can be diagnosed by reading computer fault codes, often it's one step in diagnosing vehicle issues.

We employ experienced technicians who use their collective knowledge and techniques to diagnose and correct issues. We keep our technicians' knowledge up to date through the latest industry training courses, such as those provided by Auto Tech.


Cleanaway Hot Wash

Automotive parts get contaminated with oils, grease and grime from normal operation. To ensure optimum functionality of vehicle parts they should be free of these contaminants.

We have invested in an industrial-grade hot washer to clean parts in an environmentally friendly way.

Intake Carbon Cleaning

Petrol and diesel engines produce carbon as a by-product of normal operation.


Due to emissions control systems, exhaust gasses that contain carbon are partially recirculated into the engine's intake for re-burning. Carbon deposits build up over time in your engine's intake system and can reduce performance and fuel economy.

We can perform carbon cleaning to remove deposits and return your engine to operating at optimum efficiency.

Brake disc machining

Disc brakes are a critical part of your car's braking system; however, they wear as part of normal operation.


Brake discs should wear evenly; however, excessive heat, brake caliper condition and brake pad materials can accelerate disc wear, wear discs unevenly, or warp discs. These issues can cause reduced braking performance, or a "shuddering" when braking.

We may be able to save you the expense of prematurely replacing your brake discs by machining them using in-house specialist equipment.


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