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Blackwood Mechanic 

Blackwood Mechanic

Experienced Mechanic to Contact in Blackwood

If you need a reliable and experienced mechanic in Blackwood, look no further than Southern Performance Centre. With over 20 years of experience, our team ensures the best motor repair services when you need them most. Conveniently located on O'Sullivan Beach Road, Lonsdale, we serve many residents and offer a comprehensive range of automotive services in one workshop.

We have recently acquired Total Traction Tyres, a reputable business in Lonsdale's heart. This acquisition allows us to create one of the most extensive mechanical workshops in the southern area. By choosing us for your vehicle repair needs, you will receive quality service and honest workmanship at competitive prices. We are proud to have achieved and maintained Approved Repairer status with the RAA for Mechanical, Wheel Alignment, and Tyre Service. All our employees are highly qualified and skilled to provide you with the best service possible.

Blackwood Mechanic
Blackwood Mechanic

Guaranteed Quality Workmanship with Our Mechanic in Blackwood

At Southern Performance Centre, we take great pride in our work. We are happy to offer our customers lifetime guarantees on all our workmanship. Our mechanic in Blackwood provides a personalised quality service for all makes and models and provides you with the best customer care. Whether you need log book servicing or mechanical repair, we advise that you visit our workshop or contact us. Other services that we provide include:

  • Inspections

  • Diagnosis

  • Performance modifications and fabrication 

  • Parts supply and fitment-

  • Wheels, tyres, and alignment

Performing regular servicing on your vehicle is often required to maintain your new vehicle warranty and sometimes your extended warranty. Servicing can help make your vehicle run and perform as the manufacturer intended. It also prevents larger problems and maintains vehicle safety and driving characteristics. We can help you determine what servicing is required for your vehicle and carry out the work as appropriate.

Blackwood Mechanic
Blackwood Mechanic

Why Choose Our Blackwood Mechanic?

their car maintenance and businesses with their fleets. Our experienced mechanic in Blackwood ensures quick, convenient car repairs and safety checks. We offer minor and major car services to keep your family or business vehicles in top condition. Understanding the importance of nicety, we aim to avoid interruptions to your work. When you need a quick, reliable, and professional mobile car service, trust the experts at Southern Performance Centre.

Looking ahead, Southern Performance Centre is preparing for the future by embracing evolving automotive technologies. We are committed to investing in our facilities and services to better serve our new and existing customers. Soon, we will offer EV charging, hybrid charging, autonomous driving calibration, and repair equipment. Our goal is to cover all your car needs under one roof, ensuring we stay ahead in the rapidly changing automotive industry.

Blackwood Mechanic

Our mechanic in Blackwood provides an extensive selection of automotive service solutions tailored to your requirements. Book with us today. 


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